Boost a Promo, Win a Promo. #giveaway #marketing

Let's play a little game.

Here's how it's going to work...

  • You get a free promo, similar to this one. (valued at a few dollars at most)
  • You promote the post for one week, sending people to this site.
  • I do not promote it AT ALL during that first week. It's all up to you and your network.
  • If your post gets more page hits than the average for others playing the game, I will promote your post.
  • If your post gets fewer visitors than the average, I may not promote your post. If everyone does a good job sending people to our site, I may promote everyone. However, I will not reward slackers who simply want a free ride.
  • The author who gets the most page hits on their free promo post gets another fully promoted promo ($25 value).

Author benefits

  • You get a free post. And it's stinking easy to do. Well, mostly easy. Stop complaining. It's free, after all.
  • You get something to talk about on your blog, something new to say on social media or your email newsletter.
  • If you do a decent job marketing the post, you get free promotion from me, and you might win another promo.

What do we get out of it?

My motives are simple. I want more people to come to the site. Those that check out your promo might stick around and check out other posts.

Do a little of my marketing work, and I'll reward you.

"Sounds good to me," you say. "Where do I sign up?"

Simply fill out the following form. Since you aren't paying for the post, I've already filled in the secret word: PromoBoost. That's how I'll know that you've signed up for this particular event (and not a paid classified ad).

Once I have enough people involved (say at least 5), I'll pick a start date and email the participants, giving you more details about how to promote the post.