August Cover Wars - Final Round. Which cover wins it all?


Final Round 

You have 15 votes.
There are *only* 16 book covers. 

Which one do you want to see win? 
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Avant Nation

by C.D. Verhoff

Twitter: @CDVerhoff

Beyond the Sea of Storms

by Larry Kollar

Twitter: @FARfetched58


by Marc Secchia

Twitter: @marcauthor

Dreams of the Queen

by Jacqueline Patricks

Twitter: @jinx1764

Falaha's Journey

by Jeno Marz

Twitter: @JenoMarz


by Ryanne Anthony

Twitter: @_RyanneAnthony_

Forever, Phoenix

by Katie Mettner

Twitter: @KatieMettner

Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories

by Kelly Matsuura

Twitter: @KellyMatsuura

On the Accidental Wings of Dragons

by Julie Wetzel

Twitter: @juliekwetzel

Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise

by Diantha Jones

Twitter: @dianthajones

Salvaging the Beast

by John Marshall Davis

Twitter: @JMDauthor

So Shall I Reap

by Kathy-LynnCross

Twitter: @KathyLynnCross

The Gift of Sunderland

by J.E. Rogers

Twitter: @warriorechidna

Trampled Underfoot

by Elizabeth Good

Twitter: @ElizabetGood

Unexpected Beauty

by Tara Sosa

Twitter: @TaraSosaAuthor

Yummy Addictions

by Belle Davis

Twitter: @bdbooksinc

15 Votes

16 Book Covers

Which book wins?

You Decide!

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