The synopsis of the book really fooled me. #bookreview

The Liar's Guide to South America

Written by Mike Delwiche

Genre: Romance

Book Synopsis

Andrew Mozart is in love. He fell for Sarah the first time they met, but he could never find the courage to tell her. When she leaves work on a gap year adventure to South America, he thinks he has missed his chance. Until he moves desks, and finds her computer still logged in to her email account.

Sarah’s old emails reveal that she thought more of him then he believed possible. Armed with intimate knowledge of her secret desires, Andrew takes a risk for the first time in his life and boards a flight to Brazil.

But when he arrives in Rio, Sarah has already moved on. Using only her emails home and the information he can gather from those who have met her, he sets off in single-minded pursuit of the girl of his dreams.

For the unwitting traveller, danger lurks around every corner and a life-threatening encounter with train bandits forces Andrew to rely on the kindness of a stranger. Caustic Irish girl Kerry couldn’t be more different from Andrew’s dream woman, and yet for the first time in his life he begins to appreciate reality. That is until a journey to the end of the world ends in revelations that threaten to destroy everything Andrew believed was true.

With Sarah always just one step ahead, fate seems determined to stop Andrew from finding love. When he becomes tangled up with guns, drugs and the Bolivian police, only his reckless determination and an unlikely friendship can save him.

The Liar’s Guide to South America. Don’t believe a word of it.

Fallon Christy's Rating

Fallon Christy's Review

The synopsis of the book really fooled me. Convinced that this was a very romantic story about a young man who follows the girl of his dreams through South America, made me excited to read the book. I fantasized of romantic scenes that took place in the beautiful surroundings of various South American countries. Was I ever mistaken.

The protagonist in the book, Andrew, is nothing but an immature foolish boy who isn't even legally allowed to buy liquor. After one comment about him in her e-mail, which he just broke into without any respect for privacy, saying that he is good looking, Andrew is convinced that Sarah is totally in love with him. He follows her on her backpack trip through South America to tell her he loves her. While he follows her by still reading her e-mails and sending false e-mails to some of her contacts, his ego grows and grows. He thinks that everything he does is allowed out of love and gets pissed when everything blows up in his face.

The book could have been really good if the writer had used all the potential the plot contains. For example, the great surroundings of the countries in South America Andrew travels to, which are barely spoken of. There are no extensive descriptions of the cultural places this continent has to offer. But the writer tells us not more than sentences about Andrew going to the waterfalls or to the beach, which are al lacking of details. And the guy really needs a slap in the face, she is just not that into you.

What could have been a great romantic novel with a lot of room for travel landmarks, is nothing more than a superficial story about a young man who doesn’t know what love is yet, and decides to stalk a girl. If you are into that, please read it. But if you’re expecting a romantic novel with a little bit of insight in the South American culture, you have to leave it where it is, in the Amazon store.

Review Disclaimer: Book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: Marked mature due to some explicit sex scenes.