Cover Wars: Science Fiction @StuartJaffe vs @PeterCawdron

This is a "meme" started by Book Whore. Cover Wars takes two covers and puts them against each other.

Diantha picked two science fiction covers from our review/request list. The review for After the Crash is pending, though not guaranteed per our review policies. Trixie & Me was from the list of books not chosen. Would you like to read it? The book is not guaranteed to be available, though if you are interested in joining our crew of book reviewers, see the navigation menu.

After The Crash by Stuart Jaffe ... BUY HERE  
The job is simple -- land illegally on the unspoiled planet Cicora, drop off two aliens and a human, collect the pay, and go home to life as a tourist pilot. Oh, and ask no questions. But when Fiona Quinn's ship crashes, she is stranded on a strange planet with a gorruff, a mahtree, and a man. And all she has is questions.

Trixie & Me by Peter Cawdron ... BUY HERE  
Trixie and Berry are trapped on an alien space ship. Berry can't move, but he seems to understand what's going on. Trixie is confused, she has no recollection of how they ended up in the dark depths of an alien war craft. She struggles to comprehend even the simplest of concepts, struggling to speak, but she is free of her chains, so she is Berry's only hope. They must escape their captors and warn humanity about this sinister threat coming from the galactic core.

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French Bleu
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