The Guardian of Threshold: A Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy by @adrianvolts #free

The Guardian of Threshold

A Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

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By A.A. Volts

When Mark wants to see his dead mother again... He gets his chance. But, like everything else in life... It comes at a hefty price. While normal sixteen-year-old boys are out chasing girls, Mark is floating outside his own body being chased by a nefarious demon.

Death itself can't keep him from trying to see his dead mother again, but when he disturbs Phasma-the Guardian of Threshold, he may have gone too far. Forced into Threshold--the mystical world of the dead--to rescue his clumsy best friend; Mark will not only have to defeat Phasma and his army of Night Dwellers, but his own demons if he's going to save his friend, find his mother and survive the night.

How far would you go to see a dead loved one again?

The Guardian of Threshold is a full-length Paranormal Fantasy that will appeal to lovers of astral projection, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, out-of-body experiences, contemporary fantasy, adventure and paranormal horror.


#1 in Fantasy Overall
December 2012 and February 2013

#1 in Paranormal Fantasy
December 2012 and February 2013

#1 in Contemporary Fantasy
December 2012 and February 2013

#1 in Horror
February 2013

#1 in Dark Fantasy
December 2012 and February 2013

#2 in Teens
February 2013

#1 in Teens
December 2012

#16 in Overall Best Seller
February 2013

Praise for
The Guardian of Threshold

Anybody who likes a good paranormal adventure story will not be disappointed at all by The Guardian of Threshold.

Remember feeling afraid of the dark? As if someone or something was breathing malice down your neck in the folds of the darkness that enveloped the kitchen or the living room? And no matter how far you ran or how fast the feeling simply intensified until you reached people, like family? A.A. does an awesome job explaining what that may be.

The subject matter is something I find enthralling. The writing style and the plot reminds me of Richard Matheson. For those who are not familiar with the name, Matheson wrote "What Dreams May Come" "I am Legend" and "Stir of Echoes" to name a few. Matheson has the ability to expose the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what makes the character ticks when faced with events and issues that call for a decision that cannot be change, even though at times, a leap of faith is required in making that decision.

I see this with Volts writing. Volts has that same quality to bring the inner-workings of the characters mind to the forefront, a glimpse into the mind and soul of the main character. I really enjoy the introspectiveness of Mark throughout the book. Volts writing is very revealing in showing the dichotomy of the two worlds.