Shame on You: This is not a reason to give a one star review.

Following the success of last week's campaign against a certain stupid one star review, here's another one for you to consider. First I present the text of the review.

I usually hate to put anything bad on a review cause there is always something good you find in a book but, I joined on a contest on facebook where the Author was supposed to be one free ebook of IFeel but now almost a month later I have yet to recive the ebook from the author. so i probably wont be buying anything from this author knowing that she doent follow through with things. and if i was to have a problem with a book I would be afraid that she would not make right on things. its sad to see someone offer something to their fans then take it away when comes time to full fill the contest results.

OK. We get it. You're pissed that you didn't get your free copy. But a review on Amazon is not the place to report such things. Most authors and indie publishers I know don't cheat their fans and potential fans by "forgetting" on purpose to deliver a free copy. In fact, the publisher responded fairly quickly with a comment on the review. Here it is.

Hello Steph,

I am the publisher for Ms. McKen and I can say it was probably an oversight as to why you did not receive the book. However, if you'd like to email me at I'd be happy to send you a free copy of Ms. McKen's book and any other book that you'd like to review from GMTA Publishing. You can take a look at our other books by going to this website:

Thank you in advance and I apologize for the inconvenience.

And to prove that the author had no evil intentions, here's a message from her on Facebook.

Well I just got blown up on amazon. Apparently there is a disgruntled reader who did not get their free copy of iFeel so instead of going back to the giveaway organizer or contacting me directly they gave me a one star review. Mature. So if anyone knows Steph_bookaddict tell her I apologize. I m only human.

If you agree with me that this is a lousy use of a one star review, tell Amazon it was not helpful.