4 star review: Mother of Wolves by @ZoeBrooks2 #bookreview

Mother of Wolves

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Written by Zoe Brooks

Genre: Historic Fantasy

Book Synopsis

When the King of the Roads is betrayed by his uncle to his murderers, his wife Lupa finds herself alone in a man's world of tribal politics and war.

Everyone underestimates Lupa, if they consider her at all. They are making a mistake. Lupa has made a promise to her husband to avenge his death and Lupa is a woman of her word. Her quest takes her away from the tents of her travelling people to the town of the Others, where her husband's eyeless head watches as she takes her first revenge.

Now on the run, through the marshes and rich farmland of the great river, Lupa hunts and is hunted by her husband's murderers. On the estuary islands her sons and their protector are just one step ahead of the killers. But revenge is not simple and Lupa must face a choice, one which will have great consequences for her people.

For this is more than a revenge story, it is the tale of the rise of a woman leader and the price she pays for that rise. It is the story of a travelling people, persecuted by settlers and their armies, and the woman who leads them at the time of their greatest peril.

Sarai's Rating & Review

Mother of wolves is one of those stories that will suck you in. Right away I was wondering about this woman named Lupa and this culture. I don’t think you are ever certain of what culture you are reading about as you read this and that’s okay. We know that Lupa is a tribal woman married to the King of the Roads and her husband is trying to get guns from the “Others” I can only assume others are white in this situation but they might not be. Lupa’s husband is betrayed by a member of the tribe and is killed by the others.

This is a revenge story of a woman who wants to protect her three boys and pay back every person involved with the killing of her beloved husband Torro. And nothing will prevent her from stopping her revenge until every man responsible for the death is dead.

What worked for me:

Lupa worked for me she was simple in her motives, she was smart, and I fully believe she was capable. She struggled when it came down to killing innocents and one particular solider which showed us that she was a killing machine. I enjoyed the fact that Lupa isn’t some girl fighting for a man, she is in fact an intelligent woman who is fighting to protect her sons and to avenge the man she loves. She is unable to read yet very cunning and smart and I liked that she had this weakness.

I really enjoyed how Lupa studied everything she didn’t just react on emotions alone she really studied her victims/prey and learned about them and their weaknesses before she attacked. That being said she was also a mother and woman so when her son falls sick we get to see the nurture side of this warrior come out. This story was believable even though it was fantasy.

What didn’t work for me:

The story line was confusing at times. At one point Lupa is Poppy a General’s wife yet I still have no idea how he found her a tribal woman and married her when he hates tribal people. I am still uncertain of how that happened. Was it a neat twist in the story line sure and it was interesting how she played the role but I would’ve like more information on that.

There was also around chapter 12 or 13 a shift to a little girl name Dama in the North and it took a couple of pages and almost the whole chapter to figure just what in the world that random chapter was doing in there. The book was good just some of the transitioning between chapters or scenes was abrupt and choppy.

Review Disclaimer: Book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.