"I was in tears." Unbreakable by @RachelHannaBook #newadult #romance #novel #excerpt


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by Rachel Hanna

"Unbreakable" is a New Adult romance novel.


Sophie Morgan is a problem, or at least her parents think so. She is beyond the normal coming of age problems other eighteen year olds have, and her parents are tired of dealing with her issues. When they decide to send her to stay with her aunt and uncle on a ranch in Texas, she is fuming mad and sure that she can't and won't learn a thing from being around horses and manure all the time.

That is until she meets sexy Miller Rhodes. Straight laced but immensely hot, Miller rubs Sophie the wrong way from the start. But when he helps to save her from herself, a friendship starts to bloom. As the years pass, Miller changes and it will soon be Sophie's turn to save him right back.

Praise for Unbreakable

Another great story by Rachel Hanna. At parts of the story I was in tears. I loved Miller and Sophie's friendship. They stuck with each other when they needed it. What a great love, real story. Well done Rachel. I'm a huge fan of hers.



Sophie's hands trembled as she wrote the letter. Mailing it would be one of the hardest things she'd ever done. He'd left an imprint on her heart that no man had ever been able to match, yet he'd also hurt her in a way that left her soul shattered. Still, the right thing to do was the mail the letter. He needed her help whether he'd hurt her or not.

She couldn't help but wonder what he would think when he saw her return address. Would he toss the whole thing in the trash? Would he even take her advice? She doubted it. He was the most stubborn, rigid man she'd ever met. One thing was certain, though. He wasn't the same as he used to be. He was living in some kind of dark prison of his own making, and she had to do her part to help release him whether he wanted her help or not.

Chapter One

...Six and a Half Years Earlier...

“Run, Soph! He’s catching up!”

Her lungs and legs burned but Sophie kept her gaze fixed on Abby as she sprinted to the waiting car. Lunging through the open door onto the back seat, she shouted triumphantly as Mark hit the gas and the car sped off, the huffing security guard becoming an increasingly tiny figure in the rear window.

“Oh my goodness, that was wild! You were so close to getting caught!” Abby grinned in giddy delight as she hugged Sophie. “Did you manage to hold onto everything?”

“Hey, it’s me here. Of course I did.” Sophie proudly displayed the two pairs of jeans, the stilettos and the bottle of perfume currently scattered across the car seat and floor.

“Oh I love those…” Abby held up the shoes admiringly. “What is this all together, like four hundred bucks?”

“Yeah, give or take.” Sophie leaned back and smiled as she caught her breath.

“Nice work,” Mark glanced at her through the rear-view mirror and smiled.

“I told you she could do it!” Abby climbed from the back seat to the front passenger seat before crawling into Mark’s lap.

“Hey, careful, Abby, I’m driving.”

“That’s never been a problem before.” Abby began slowly kissing the side of his neck.

“Yeah, well, we might have people following.” Mark kept glancing at his side view mirror as he navigated the busy streets of downtown San Francisco.

“I really doubt that,” Abby murmured as she began nibbling his ear, her hand sliding slowly down his chest and splaying across the belt of his jeans.

“All in good time, baby,” Mark clasped her hand and removed it before changing gears and turning left. He maintained a steady speed, not wanting to draw attention to the car as he drove towards the beach. The sun was setting as they arrived in a deserted parking lot five minutes’ walk from the beach.

“Right, I’ll get the stuff from the back and we can go.” Mark slid out the front seat and headed to the trunk of the car as Sophie slid out the opposite side of the car and came to stand beside Abby.

“What’s going on? I thought we were heading back to your place?” Sophie glanced questioningly at Abby, who returned her look with a cheeky smile.

“No, we’ve got something much better planned. Come on,” she grabbed Sophie’s hand and pulled her towards Mark who was waiting with a backpack hanging off one shoulder.

“Aren’t your parents going to wonder where we are?” Sophie asked as they walked towards the beach.

“No, they think we’re staying the night at your place,” Abby smirked in satisfaction as Mark slung his arm across her shoulders.

“Ah, the deviousness of girls. I love it.” Mark pulled Abby close and kissed her before releasing her and turning to Sophie. “Your parents think you’re sleeping over at Abby’s place, right?”

“Yeah…” Sophie looked from Mark to Abby. “So what’s the real plan?”

“We’re going to hang out on the beach, make a fire…and investigate the contents of Mark’s backpack,” Abby winked at the look of dawning comprehension on Sophie’s face. “I think she’s caught on.”

“So, you up for a bit of a party?” Mark smiled slowly, the hint of a challenge curving his lips.

Sophie glanced around but they were the only people in sight in this particular part of the beach. Then she looked back at Mark and Abby, who watched her expectantly, before she replied. “Always.”