The Apple Grove Gang take an ... Amazing Journey by @HamiltonCBurger #series


The Apple Grove Gang #3
Kids Chapter Book

by Hamilton C. Burger

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The Apple Grove Gang's biggest adventure yet! Faced with a problem of historical proportions, 'The Gang' turns back the hands of time, in an effort to solve it. Join Bug, Benny and the others in this fun, action packed adventure, sure to have you turning the pages.

Praise for Amazing Journey

My children are grown but I am enamored with The Apple Grove Gang series. Hamilton C. Burger writes with delight and abandon, embracing the absolute exuberance of kids in middle school. The curiosity of Bug and his gang get them into all sorts of trouble - the good thing is that trouble is always wholesome, never gratuitous and, in the end, squelched by good intentions, smart thinking, and the help of family and friends.

Pity this series wasn't around when my boys were young, but it is a delight to find this book in an age where our kids are growing up fast. How great that the crew of the Apple Grove Gang still play outside, are curious about the things around them, admire the good adults and recognize the bad ones (in Amazing Journey the evil Rebecca will even give Cruella DeVille a run for her money). I really loved this book.

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Author Bio

I was born in 1960 and raised in the Midwest. I have always been a reader, finding escape in the pages of a good book. I inhaled books during my days of extensive world travel. Before the Nook and Kindle, even before laptops became the norm, I would pack six or eight paperbacks for an extended trip.

I had never, ever considered writing until I contacted an author about a fabulous book of theirs. It was suggested that I should try my hand writing. Here I am! I can never thank this person enough for the joy I recieve from writing.

I have been married 32 years. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters, Katie and Maddie.

Besides writing, I love to cook, travel, drive my Corvette. I have a dog and two cats.

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