"I loved every bit of this book!" Texas Outlaw by @AdriennedeWolfe #romance

Texas Outlaw

Wild Texas Nights, Book 1

by Adrienne deWolfe

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Fancy Holleday has more nerve than the average cardsharp. No man can resist her smoky voice and violet eyes—and that includes the federal tinstar, Cord Rawlins.

Cord may have tracked her all the way to Texas to recover the U.S. minting plates that she stole, but the Nevada penitentiary is a long ride north, giving her plenty of time to charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart the handsome Texas lawman.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Cord Rawlins is sworn to bring renegades to justice—including the brazen lady train robber who turned the tables on him near Carson City.

Tracking Fancy down is Cord's job, but resisting her persistent persuasions is a matter of personal honor. With Fancy's life in his hands, Cord begins to wonder if his clever prisoner is really as shameless as she pretends. Could her wicked smile be hiding a desperate secret—one that can steal his heart?

Praise for Texas Outlaw

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was surprised at how captivating the characters and dialogue were. This is my first book by Adrienne deWolfe and it won't be my last. I can't wait to start Texas Wildcat! Nevertheless the plot was refreshing, I'm so tired of reading about innocent doe eyed heroines, Fancy was NOT the typical heroine. She could actually do for herself even though she frustrated the hell out of me with her devotion and naivete concerning the antagonist. I enjoyed the interactions between the h/h it was super intense, whew! We're also introduced to Cord's brothers, love the family aspect. Overall enjoyable, passionate, exciting book. I definitely recommend this one.

I loved this book. The characters were well formed and sympathetic. I had to admire the independence of the female lead, Fancy. She played the hand she was dealt, in order to survive. I have purchased the next book in the series, and look forward to reading more about Wes and family. Well done.

I loved every bit of this book! The heroine, Fancy Holleday, was so refreshing as the "bad girl" who makes good. I loved all the action scenes -- the train robbery (which opens this book with a bang) -- the jail break (great twist to the plot!), the bank robbery shoot out . . . If yoi love an action-packed adventure with plenty of Romance, humor, naughtiness, and great characters that you'll always remember, TEXAS OUTLAW is a must-read. Looking forward to reading the sequels, TEXAS LOVER and TEXAS WILDCAT, 'cause I fell in love with all the Rawlins brothers in TEXAS OUTLAW.

Humourous ala Bret Harte, Action ala Zane Grey, Titilation ala GWTW---Texas Outlaw sparkles! Swashbuckling "Lady" Train Robber encounters rugged US Marshall, & the pages fly.DeWolfe flavors her story with lovers, indians, gamblers, rangers,robbers, bounty hunters etc. to make Texas Outlaw crackle with fun filled energy. Got to get the sequels---Texas Lover & Texas Wildcat---I'm hooked !!Let's see more from this author.

Author Bio

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon.com. Her "Wild Texas Nights" series and her "Naughty and Nice" series were originally published in paperback as historical romances by Bantam Books and Avon Books, respectively. In paperback, these 5 books earned 9 writing awards, including "The Best Historical Romance of the Year." The paperbacks were also finalists for 2 Rita Awards (Romance Writers of America) and 2 Reviewer Choice Awards (Romantic Times Magazine).

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