Shame on You: An Update on the Worst 1 Star Review I've Ever Seen

The response from the previous Shame on You post was phenomenal. I wasn't sure if people would agree with me or not. I should not have feared. The Indie community came together and told that reviewer the what for. Good for us!

In case you missed the post, click HERE.

After the overwhelming response, the reviewer did change the review. It is slightly better now, but we're talking fractions of one tenth of a percent. The review gives a few more details but still isn't helpful. The reviewer just doesn't get it.

You be the judge. The following is the original review.

BEWARE: most/many of the 5-star reviews are from reviewers who have only one review or only Blaine books to their credit.

Now, here's the updated review.

I'd look closely at all of the 5-star reviews. It appears that many of them (approximately half) were written by people who have fewer than 7 reviews - and surprise, surprise, either only or mostly books by this author.

Check the "See my other reviews" line next to the reviewers and see what you think.

As well, it appears that the author or his shills have mounted a fierce campaign to discredit my position - as far as I am concerned a Nixonian effort to cast doubt on the whistle-blower.

If you agree with me that this is a lousy use of a one star review, even updated as it is, and you haven't had a chance to vote, tell Amazon it was not helpful.

If you have voted it unhelpful, why not leave a comment on the thread. Some of the comments on there right now make me want to scream "Boo Yah!"

Take the following comments, for example.

I'm not a reader of this book and have never heard of the author before. However, I have to agree. Reviews are for talking about the BOOK not other reviewers! I too am sick of bogus reviews but at the end of the day, I have a mind of my own. I read the excerpt, buy the book if I like it and then review from my own opinion.

Indie authors have a hell of a time trying to break through. If they do or do not choose to rally their friends to help, so what? Everyone needs a leg up and if a book is no good, REAL reviewers who have at least read SOME of the book will soon post genuine reviews that will accurately reflect the quality of the writing.

If you look at the reviews left by Domestic Gnome, they are by and large, either 5 star reviews, or 1 star reviews that complain about other people leaving 5 star reviews. Seems a bit sideways to me.

I have given all the Assassin books five stars. Why? Because they are excellent. I have also read other books Russell Blake has written and he has become one of my favorite authors. You can check - I have plenty of reviews, even some with 1 and 2 stars. I'm just a plain ol' elderly lady in Florida and if I'm related to Mr. Blake, I'm unaware of it. And by the way Domestic Gnome what do you care anyway?!

There's lots more just like that.

If you've got an unhelpful one star review that you would like me to spotlight, send me an email. If I agree with you that the review doesn't help, I just may blog about it.