Writing Myths Debunked — syndicated post from @JeanNicole19

The following is syndicated from the blog of JeanNicole Rivers and is posted here with permission.

1. Never begin a story in a dream.

Why not? What better place to start a story? Dreams are the imagination’s playground and we should never shut them down, not even in our writing. Dreams are where some of my best stories begin and usually I don’t even know that I am there until I wake up. Allow art to imitate life, but if you begin your story in a dream, make it big and limitless and most importantly make it have a point, even if it is not immediately understandable. Start your story in a dream; just don’t make the reader regret that you did.

2. Don’t do something that has been a done a million times.

Why not? Hasn’t everything been done a million times? There is no such thing as an original plot anymore, it has all been done, but it is not about what you do, it is how you do it. Don’t drive yourself crazy feeling like you have to come up with a completely original plot line; I hate to be a dream-squasher, but it probably won’t happen, but that does not mean that you are not a brilliant and worthy writer. Allow your creativity and originality to shine through with the way that you make things happen and the perspective from which they are seen.

3. Your main character must be likeable.

Why? Is everyone in the world likeable? No! How many times have I heard this and who came up with this rule? I know several people who are not likeable but still have a worthy story to tell. People who are not likeable have a particular history that has determined their character and usually that history is pretty interesting and a story people would like to read. We don’t have to like your character we just have to understand him; why he is the way that he is and why he does the things that he does. Once we understand him, we will relate to him and tolerate him just so that we may know him and learn from his life.

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I was born in the tiny, but lovable town of Centralia, IL which has a two screen movie theatre, one high school and still celebrates May Fete, so I had no choice, but to develop a fantastic imagination. Since childhood I have been writing everything from short stories to songs, but I have always aspired to compose a novel. Black Water Tales: The Secret Keepers is my first novel and the first book in what will be a series of thriller novels.

Philosophy was my study in college and I received a Bachelor of Arts in the subject from Florida International University. Writing is one of my most favored artistic pursuits, but my love for the arts does not stop there, I am also a vocalist and actress and participate in local theater in Houston Texas.

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