"Another hit from Tibbetts." PFC Liberty Stryker by @PeggyTibbetts

PFC Liberty Stryker

Written by Peggy Tibbetts

Genre: General Fiction

Book Synopsis

Libby Stryker joined the Army to avenge her daddy's death on 9-11 but it's nothing like she expected. Operation Iraqi Freedom takes her on a harrowing journey north with a mysterious Arab through bomb devastation, hot zones, and RPG attacks. A different kind of horror awaits Libby in Baghdad. Her past and present, and why it's all gone wrong, blow up in her face. Prepare to enter an alternate reality. PFC Liberty Stryker is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

Having read Letters to Juniper by Peggy Tibbetts originally, this book came as a change to me- not only in genre but also reader age. As such I wasn’t sure what to expect of PFC, especially given how much I enjoyed Juniper, and so was pleasantly surprised to find myself really getting into the story and enjoying the book, especially since reading about soldiers and war does not normally appeal to me in anyway. This book shows how an author can take a topic a reader may not generally be interested in and make it a real page turner.

As with Juniper this story contains a twist which I will not give away, though I will say that it certainly surprised me. I am normally pretty good at guessing twists, but this one had me quite surprised, a fact I greatly enjoyed. This was helped by the superb characters Tibbetts has employed in her story, especially Libby and the Captain. While Libby is the protagonist and thus the most fleshed out character, I really enjoyed the character development of the Captain. As the story went on my opinion of him changed in the same manner that Libby’s did.

Overall PFC Liberty Stryker is another hit from Tibbetts. I recommend reading this book and others by this wonderful author, and will hopefully get the opportunity to read many more of her books.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence, sex, and drugs & alcohol.