Please excuse my addled, bipolar mania.

This picture is a perfect representation of my brain and how I've been feeling in general lately. I love what I do here with The Crew (and I certainly want to continue), but sometimes my bipolar mania confuses the heck out of my mental perception.

There are two problems going on here:
  1. I come up with too many ideas.
  2. Some of the ideas are just darn too complicated.

There is little I can do with the first item. Most of the time, in fact, I even encourage it. I may not be especially great at anything, but as long as I am a little more than mediocre in some things, I should be fine.

Ideas come and go. Some will be accepted. Others will be appropriately scraped.

The second item, however, can easily cause me to throw my hands up in the air when I realize I've taken things too far. Usually this comes in the form of confusing organization with complexity.

For example, I thought I was on to something when I came up with the Ad Space/Donation arrangement, but I missed one vital detail.

It's too complicated even for me.

Keeping track of multiple ad spaces and multiple donors (and their donations) was just too much for me—especially since I do all of this in my spare time (and currently without pay). Don't worry. The ad spaces aren't going anywhere, and the donors that have not received anything in return are still in the line up. I'm simply asking for your patience while I catch up.

Part of the catch up will mean a nearly complete redo of the advertising arrangement. More details on that soon.

And speaking of new ideas, more are on the way. One in particular that I think every Indie Author on the planet will enjoy. Well, I take that back. Some people are just haters. But, it's a good one, better than anything else I've done thus far ... or at least I think so. Maybe it's my addled brain at work again.