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Book 2 of the Fins Trilogy

Written by Ashley Knight

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Book Synopsis

There are many types of blessings - some you just don't realize until after the fact. Morgan and Thayde hope to resume as normal a life as possible, but their plans are thwarted when uncontrollable thoughts begin to overwhelm Morgan and a terrible disease known as The Shadow slowly sucks the life from Thayde. At the beginning of her reign, is Morgan strong enough to cope with the inner turmoil consuming her, or will she collapse under her own insecurities? Plunge into FATHOM - the second novel of the FINS Trilogy.

Beth's Rating

Beth's Review

In Fathom, Ashley Knight’s sequel to her debut novel Fins, Morgan and Thayde are attempting to lead as normal of a life as possible. However, dark forces are determined to destroy Morgan before she has begun her predestined role as “The Link” for her kind.

As the novel unfolds, the reader discovers the journey Morgan must take. She is forced by powers beyond her control to push to her physical, psychological, and spiritual strength to their limits, and sometimes beyond. In doing this, Fathom addresses many issues that young adults face; heartbreak, self-doubt, despair, love, loyalty, and the quest for a higher power to guide their lives. Mrs. Knight addresses these issues with grace and compassion through the eyes of her main character.

Fathom, the second book of the Fins series, is a must read for the young adult who loves well-developed characters who find a way to triumph, even in the most desperate situations. This rollercoaster ride carries the reader into the dark mysterious world Morgan must conquer if she is to save a nation that depends on her existence, the man she loves, and even herself. Mrs. Knight has, once again, taken mermaids to places no one could ever imagine!

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence and sex.