Since I'm Stupid ...

There's lots of ways I could finish that sentence, and that's probably right of you as well. We all do stupid things, right? Well, the stupid thing I did wasn't nearly as stupid as what some people accomplish (and I stretch when I use that word).

This is actually a continuation of this post. Check it out if you haven't.

Anyway, as I mentioned in that post, I got in over my head with the donation-powered ad space. It was too complicated. And now with the new promotional book site being released soon, there's no way I can keep track of separate ad spaces (and remain sane). So, here's what I'm going to do.

All for One, One for All

Each donor will get a little representation in multiple ad locations. I'll try to be fair with it so that those who donate more will get more page views for their ads, but I'm not going to kill myself over it, making sure the exact ratio is in place.

Another thing I'm not going to be so strict about and worried over is when ads come up and down. Each location will be shared by multiple donors. You aren't paying for a limited time period as described before, in other words.

But time is still important. It wouldn't be fair to newer donors if ads are never taken down. There's an easy fix. I will allow each location to accumulate so many ads (haven't decided on a number but it won't be more than 100). When I reach that number, I'll start taking down the oldest ads as long as the ad has been up for a certain period of time (say 3 months or 6 months).

Depending on how much a person's total donation is, that person may get a new ad right away, keeping their promotional run going. In other words, I will continue to reward those that help us out the most.

I am working on ways of getting our traffic even higher, so even if your ad is not showing up on every page view, I aim for our donation based advertising to remain competitive financially and effective promotionally. Your continued feedback is appreciated.

Out with the old

With this post I am getting rid of all the sign up forms from the original ad space blog post run.

If you have signed up for ad space from the now defunct sign up forms and have not donated yet, you will get an email to direct your attention to this post.

If you have donated already, you have either gotten an email (and will get another one) or will get one soon to give you options.

How do I sign up for ad space?

There will be no sign up form for ad space anymore, much less multiple ones. Those that donate using the PayPal donate button at the top of the site will be contacted through email after their donation goes through.

The more you donate, the more you will get in return. A $5 donation will probably only get you one ad in one location. A $10 donation will get you a little more, and so on. I haven't decided on exact numbers. I will adjust this as time goes on.

Obviously, I'm still experimenting, and specifically, I'm trying to find the easiest and fairest method for all.

Payments for the new promotional website will be collected the same way (and from the same PayPal account), so take this into consideration when you are donating. If you plan to promote your book through our new site (due to launch August 1st) and donate for ad space on the main site, it might be advantageous to donate for both at the same time.

Of course, you may email me if you have questions: