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Starting with this edition of Featured Followers, I'm going to highlight more than one follower at a time. I've noticed that the traffic to these posts aren't as high as some of the other types, and since it takes a while to link to multiple blog posts, I'm going to simplify the listing.

So, my next question is this: if I make the title look more like a typical #FF tweet, will these tweeple get more followers out of the deal? Let me know if it works ... or not.

Michael J. McCann



Michael J. McCann lives and writes in Oxford Station, Ontario, Canada. He's the author of Blood Passage and Marcie's Murder, the first two novels in the Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel series, and The Ghost Man, a supernatural thriller.

Ian Roberts



'He not busy being born is busy dying.' At my age I'm probably closer to the dead than the quick but enjoying the second childhood - rather more sedate and informed than the first - of retirement. Learner writer - I guess that applies to all of us- and guitar player. Prospective ageing bluesman.

SJ Clarke

Paranormal Romantic Suspense



I'm a traditionally published author, (Mind Over Matter by SJ Clarke) with a passion for reading as well as writing. With that in mind I'm activiely building a readership of writers and readers alike. I post feature guest posts on the craft of writing. I'm also an official book tour host for several tour providers and offer a stready strem of promotions, author and character interviews, as well as book reviews. You'll also find contests with great prizes throughout any given month.