Book Trailer: Water by @harmonygirlit

A little from the author

I've received lots of compliments on my book cover, so I totally exploited it to make my book trailer. Besides, doing it this way saved time and was cheaper than finding/buying other royalty-free images. My only regret about the trailer is the quality of the font.

Besides the 'Water' book cover, I used snapshots of the book covers of the other three books in the series; Air, Fire, and Earth. The eco-images were found at the US Fish and Wildlife photo gallery, which are available for any kind of use (according to their disclaimer). The music was $40 royalty-free of Expensive but totally worth it. It's length already matched my book trailer exactly, and it really made all the difference. I made a few $1.29 purchases for water, fire, and 'whoosh' sounds.

What was used to make this trailer: MAGIX Extreme Photostory 6 - the same software I use for photo slideshows of my kid's birthdays, our anniversary, etc. I'm sure there are much better programs out there, but I was already familiar with this one.

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