Would you like to write a regular column for us? Syndicated, of course!

Because of the popularity of our normal syndicated posts (and because I'm always looking to expand our services), I'm offeirng authors and bloggers a chance to showcase their blog posts on a regular basis through a syndicated column feature.

This is kind of like normal syndication on steroids, having all the features of the normal version but with a few additional perks.

Your Own RSS Feed

With the new archive feature that I'm currently rolling out, columnists will get their own RSS feed, meaning hopefully over time this will attract more readers to your posts and your blog in general.

Each column in this new feature will be based upon a theme, so for example, if you want to offer me all of your book reviews, they will be listed in one place, archived for easy reading.

Normal syndication currently is getting an RSS feed, and columnists will continue to be featured on that one as well.

Listed as one of our Featured Columnists

Under the About menu I plan to have a page devoted to our featured columnists, so you'll basically become a member of the crew, giving our readers another place to learn about you and hopefully start following your online activities.

You are more than welcome to help out in other areas as well, including reviewing books for us (from the crew's waiting list) and helping out in the emerging publishing venture (currently the short story writing contest).

You only have to sign up once

Unlike normal syndication, you will only have to email me once. Once I know the details, I'll pull your posts as I need them. Depending on site activities, demand, and so forth, I may not be able to get to your posts as soon as they come out. However, I will have a list to work from.

I also have plans to expand the reach of our posts and increase the amount of material coming from the site through the help of another crew member. More detail on that later.

What should you write about?

If you want to write something new for us, I'd be happy to take that, but you'll have to either post it on your own site first or email me with each new entry. Really, though, I don't want you to have to write new stuff, not beyond what you are already doing.

I'll take anything writing/book related, such as:
  • Book Reviews
  • Tips
    • General Writing Tips
    • Brainstorming Tips
    • Editing Tips
    • Self-Publishing Tips
    • Marketing Tips
    • Other general tips authors might find interesting
  • Posts that describe your life as a writer
  • Posts that describe your journey of publishing (especially self-publishing)

If you are interested in a syndicated column on this site, send me an email with the following info:
  • Your name
  • Your Twitter Handle
  • A short description of the topic of your column
  • A link to your blog
  • Be thinking about what unique tag, label, or keyword you'll use to mark your syndicated posts. Include any ideas in your email. If you need help with this, just let me know.
  • A link to your book that you would like me to promote (optional)
  • Short Bio
  • A picture of yourself (for the Featured Columnists page)
  • Any other pertinent info you would like included, such as other contact links, etc....

If you would like to have more than one syndicated column (based upon more than one theme), you can include all the info in the same email. Please make it easy for me to differentiate them, though. I hate a lot of busy work.

My email address is msl_007 {@} live.com and the subject of your email needs to be COLUMN. Otherwise I may lose it in the many emails I receive on a daily basis.