"I first get an idea and just start writing. After a while…" Retweet Worthy Tweets # 8

Do you outline or not? At the start or later on?

I tend to skip over those passages anyway. What about you? Do you pay attention to character description?

I think this would be funny in a parody. What do you think? Also, what bad writing tips do you have?

This was an amazing book. I gave it 5 stars. You can read my review HERE.

Gotta love a good blonde joke.

A good reminder. What do you think? Got any good writing tips? Things we should know but need reminders for anyway?

I love when an author WARNS their readers. It's kind of like reverse psychology—some are going to check it out just because of the warning.

That would be TODAY.

What a great hook of a headline!. It's the reason I clicked on it.