SUBMIT Pics of your Library

Because Bec's schedule has changed, she hasn't had time to line up pics for our Tumblr blog. We need your help to fill the pages once more, so I'm putting a call out to all our readers and followers: submit pics of your library.

Doesn't matter if your library looks like this:

Or this:

Of course, it would be totally cool if it looked like this:

But if it looks like this ...

You might want to go see a therapist.

So, submit your pics to us. We'll post just about anything (as long as it is family appropriate). Include a caption if you wish. We'd love to share what your library means to you, what books await to be read, and any cool anecdotes about the library.

To submit a pic, click HERE. Thanks in advance.

P.S. — click all the provided tags since it helps our posts be seen on the Tumblrverse.