Would you like a chance to try our Twitter Marketing service for zero dinero?

To create some buzz for our new Twitter Marketing service, I'm giving away $5 worth of the service to one person. There are two different types of Twitter Marketing campaigns: recurring tweets and short term blasts.

Five dollars will buy you a year's worth of recurring tweets or a day or two's worth of blasts. Just depends on what you are trying to promote. If it's an event, such as a blog tour or book release, I'd go with a blast. If it's a book that you plan on marketing and selling for the next year or so, I'd go with recurring tweets.

Which gives you more bang for your buck?
(If you were actually paying for it)

Pros and Cons

On first glance, recurring tweets have the biggest advantage: price. I'll do 3 tweets a week for 52 weeks (1 year) or 6 tweets a week for 26 weeks (1/2 year). Either way that's 156 tweets, which comes out to a little over 3¢ a tweet.

How does that compare to the price of a blast tweet?

I'll do a tweet every hour for 20 consecutive hours (all in one day) which comes out to 25¢ a tweet. What you're paying for with a blast campaign (when you actually pay for it) is my time to schedule all those tweets. Because it's more work to schedule tweets over multiple days, you lose a few tweets if you don't want them all on the same day.

You aren't really paying for my time with a recurring campaign. It doesn't take long to set up 3 or 6 tweets. What you're paying for is this: reserving a portion of my Twitter feed. I can sell only so many in a year.

So, the advantage with a recurring campaign is you get tons of tweets over the life of the campaign. But, it's the same 3 or 6 tweets every week at the same time each week. I set them up once and let them run their merry course.

The advantage to a blast campaign is every tweet can be different (and should be if it's all on the same day), and potentially you are exposed to every one of our followers who gets on Twitter that day. Another advantage is that I will follow your schedule. If you want all the tweets to run on the first half of each hour, your wish is my command. If you want them to appear at the same time each hour, I can do that too. Whatever you want. With recurring tweets you can only pick the hour, and as I fill up my schedule, you will only be able to pick the basic time of day: morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

General Guidelines

  • Other tweets may occur in close proximity to "paid" tweets.
  • Recurring tweets will take place on a weekly basis.
  • The same tweet will not be repeated on the same day.
  • No more than one tweet per hour for the same link/product.
  • When you pay for it, the price will reflect both the time I spend to schedule (and/or write tweets) as well as how much of my Twitter feed is being reserved.
  • Prices quoted above do not include writing the tweets. That will be an extra charge. The above prices only include scheduling the actual tweets.

There is one other guideline that takes a little bit of explanation: half of the tweets in a package must point to either a post on our site or on Amazon. The other half may point to any link you specify. Here's why: especially before I start taking a salary from the site, I will be donating a lot of my time to set these up, so I need to receive some value in the tweets as well.

Linking to a post on our site will help our traffic, and of course, the post will be about whatever you are having me tweet. A link to Amazon gives us a chance of making a commission off of products bought, even if it isn't your book. In the future, I may waive this guideline should the donation be high enough.

But I'm not done!

Sometimes I like acting like a cheesy salesman.

I'll double this award, giving the winner $10 worth of Twitter Marketing, if the winner donates $25 within a month of being notified that they are the winner. That means I'll be giving away $15 worth of free service: $10 for this contest and the $5 match I'm already giving people who donate $25. It's a no brainer—enter today; enter every day.

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