We're super charging our Amazon Shout Out feature.

Since we're all about showcasing the Indie author, here's another donation-powered promotion. It's like the big brother to the regular Amazon Shout Outs and the little cousin to Novel Bits. It's a mixture of the two, in other words.

The Lowdown

Three posts in one week, each one linking to Amazon of course, and you may do what you want with them otherwise. Here are some things you could do with a post:
  • An excerpt from your book
  • A guest post on writing or your experience with the book
  • Answer a few common questions (interview)
  • A showcase of positive reviews (quotes)
  • Announcement of a blog tour and other related info
  • A giveaway
  • Just about anything...

Upgraded from the Regular

The regular Amazon Shout Out feature is simply a showcasing of books based upon a certain genre or theme. You don't get anything extra. There's no options. The only upgrade available for a regular Amazon Shout Out is a dollar bump if you want to skip ahead on the waiting list.

With this donation-powered promotion, you can do pretty much what you want with it. There's lots of freedom and flexibility. Plus, you get multiple posts through-out the week. In the beginning while I don't have a full schedule of posts, these will run on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I will allow two of these a week if there is interest. The second set would run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before the Novel Bit of the day. Once I have a full schedule, there will be a Novel Bit and an Upgraded Amazon Shout Out each day (Monday - Saturday).

What you don't get

During a Novel Bit run, your book is featured on the right sidebar near the top for everyone to see each time a page is loaded. No such ad space for the Upgraded Amazon Shout Out. Novel Bits also get four posts a week whereas this one gets only the three.

You may have put two and two together already, but I'll state it anyway. You may lose the ad, but you gain some freedom. Novel Bits has been designed with excerpts in mind. Other things can be included, especially on Sunday, but with Upgraded Amazon Shout Outs, you can do what you want with each post. If you want to mimic the Novel Bit, you are more than welcome to do an excerpt for each post.


Upgraded Amazon Shout Outs will be "purchased" by the week for $5, and there are no discounts for multiple weeks. Should there be enough interest, I will allow dollar bumps to jump ahead in line.