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Limebird Writers is a team of 20 writers from the UK, USA and SA offering tips, advice and experience to beginner and professional writers.

With backgrounds such as copywriters, authors, journalists, screenwriters and comic book writers there's something for everyone.

A Sampling of Their Blog

No Such Thing as No Time to Write

Brace yourselves. I’m about to jump onto my soapbox here.

I’m friends with a writer who dared to compare her busy life to mine. She recently went on a tear about how it’s obvious I am not as busy as she is because I write daily.

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Bad reviews – should I speak or forever hold my peace?

As someone who would really like this world to be as lovely as a Belle & Sebastian, Stuart-Sarah-Stevie three-part harmony, I have a dilemma.

I recently purchased a book published by an indie-author who is an online ‘acquaintance’ of mine (not through limebirds by the way in case anyone’s feeling paranoid!) I’m 20% of the way into their book, and I’ve already dipped out and read three other books since I started it as I’m really struggling to engage with it. The writing’s good; the characters are…fine; and the plot is…okay, to be honest I’m a bit bored!

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Characterisation: The Grand Trio

When reading a novel or short story of any genre I always find that one of the major pit falls is characterisation. If the character is poorly established, poorly named and/or difficult to relate to, then I don’t get past the first chapter, unless of course the plot line is immensely intriguing.

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