"I absolutely recommend it for four to seven year olds."


Written by Henry Herz

Genre: Children's Fantasy

Book Synopsis

A charming tale of the courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad, who leads his tribe of Niblings through the perilous Grunwald Forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way.

Kids enjoy the adventure and stunning illustrations. Parents appreciate a positive story that emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and leadership.

Sharon's Rating

Sharon's Review

Nimpentoad is a children's picture book in a fairytale type format, which is geared to being read out loud to young children. The story follows a group of creatures called Niblings. They are the smallest creatures in the forest, so they get picked on, and sometimes even eaten by bigger creatures. Nimpentoad is a Nibling that comes up with a plan to find a safer home for the group. This plan involves finding a giant on the other side of the forest. There are many obstacles and dangers on this journey, but Nimpentoad is up to the challenge, and leads them through.

The graphics of this story are amazing. The bigger creatures are a little bit scary for very young children, but probably not scary enough to produce nightmares. I particularly like the description of Niblings as being waist high to adult humans. That would be approximately the size of the average five year old, which would be one of the target ages for this story. Children can relate to the trials of the small Niblings, because they are small themselves. There's quite a bit of simple humour which will appeal to kids. There's also a part about mushrooms where the story asks the reader directly if they like mushrooms. That makes the reader (or young listener) a part of the story. I like the way the the authors get children involved.

Nimpentoad is not just an entertaining story, it's a teaching vehicle that introduces the moral values of courage, leadership, teamwork, friendship and trust. It also suggests family type caring relationships, even when the participants aren't related. At one point the Niblings build a vehicle that works by pedal power. Children from toddlerhood upwards would be familiar with pedal toys to get around. That is one more way that this wonderful tale relates to kids. The giant in this story represents a protective adult. The Niblings will help him do things he cannot. This gives the idea of cooperation towards a common goal. I really like that.

This charming and endearing tale is rather unique in that it was partially written by children, for children. Henry Herz and his two young sons Josh and Harrison, wrote this lovely fantasy story together. It's a picture book with amazing images that will settle in the minds of children forever. Young children equate stories with the pictures that go with them. Humpty Dumpty and various other images from Mother Goose have stayed with me since I was a toddler, and I am now a senior citizen. I believe that the story and the pictures of Nimpentoad have the same lasting power and universal appeal of established nursery rhymes and fairytales. I absolutely recommend it for four to seven year olds.

Disclaimer: Recommended for children of all ages.