New Promo Feature: Saturday Shorts — Would you like to be featured?

Short Story Promotion

We're starting a new promo feature for Saturdays called ... you guessed it ... Saturday Shorts. (I decided to go with a pair of red shorts over pics of typewriters ... because red swim trunks are more fun, right?)

If you would like us to feature one of your short stories, please send an email to me, Mark, at msl_007 {at} live {dot} com. Include all of the following that apply:
  • Name
  • Twitter Handle (ex: @MasqCrew)
  • Website URL
  • Name of your Short Story
  • The actual short story
    (If your short story is longer than 1,000 words, I may feature it over two posts.)

The subject of the email should be Saturday Short. Since I receive so many emails in a day, I very well may lose your post if you don't use this subject. I'm trying this approach over a Google Form. Just to see how it works.