"The premise of this book is unique."

Kill Me

Written by Alex Owens

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Synopsis

Three days ago, Claire was a wife, a mother, and very much alive… then the music called for her.

Claire has one goal for the conference— to land a few whales so that her boss will give her a badly needed raise. She pitches and prays while courting the music industry elite until her plans are derailed by hotness-in-high-heels.

Vampire Bette is at the conference to find someone with untapped supernatural talents that she can control. With her cursed violin, Bette draws Claire in with a song and as the first chord is played Claire’s life is unraveled, her new “talents” emerge and she’s attracted to two unlikely people— Bette and her hunky associate, Gregor. Both can light Claire’s fire, but is either of them the only one?

Unfortunately for Claire, life isn’t all song lyrics and seduction. Tied to darkness by blood and power, Claire must harness her abilities if she has any hope of regaining her former life.

Mark's Rating

Mark's Review

A suburban, working mother turned vampire (or almost) but with abilities the other vampires don't have: I haven't read much about vampire lore, but I think it's safe to say the premise of this book is unique—if only in an indirect way.

The writing style is easy to read. In fact, I found myself reading for longer periods of time than I normally do. Typically I read only for a few minutes at a time, the rest of my crazy schedule and life itself getting in the way. I made time for this book. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The bits about the enchanted violin and guitar sessions intrigued me as I am an amateur musician (though I was more active back in my school days).

The biggest thing for me that brought it down to a 4 from a 5 was the amount of sexual material. Some of it was needed for the story to make sense, but I don't think it was needed to such an extreme. A few scenes I skimmed over and one I completely skipped. With the world getting more and more crazy about sex, it's a sad state when even our books have to escalate it further. Even the main character, the narrator, made a comment about the amount of sex among the vampires. But, that's enough about that soapbox.

I recommend this book to anyone who isn't bothered by some graphic sexual material (or at least is willing to skip over it). This is the first book in a series, and I would like to read the following, as this book ended with me satisfied but eager to know what happens next.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for children due to sex.