She drowns and journeys through the mysterious world of Purgatory. @Christyblow68 #fantasy

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Young Aurelia Winters drowns and journeys through the mysterious world of Purgatory.

Crossed Stars

by Christy Blow

Genre/Keyword(s): Fantasy, Chick-Lit, Paranormal, Young Adult, Romance. Angels, purgator




Freedom seeking teen, Aurelia Winters, drowns one cold October night. She awakens and finds herself in a strange world. In this place called Purgatory, Aurelia is entranced by the breathtaking beauty here, and by the fantastical adventures with her new friends, but she will soon find out that this world is no paradise for everyone who enters it. In this mysterious middle realm, the Angels dwell, and the Fallen lurk.

The dark ones conspire against all of humanity to sentence humans and angels to ultimate fates of despair and hopelessness. Aurelia must embark on a journey through various realities of visiting souls to find her destiny and save those in danger. The only one who can stop these destiny thieves is Aurelia, but what could a human possibly possess to defeat such evil? Read "Crossed Stars" and find out.


"For you my angel,” he takes my hand and places the pearl in my palm, then gently and slowly he closes my hand, cradling it inside his. Then with both hands around mine he looks me deep in my eyes and we are closer than ever before, physically and emotionally. I smile and feel the familiar blush creep across my cheeks and ears, and the flutter inside my heart as this memory dives into my mind to be filed away under favorites, so I can replay this moment over and over again.

“They are oysters, don’t you want to try one Aurelia?”

“Ohhh no, um no.”

“Please Aurelia, you just might be surprised.”

“Will there be another pearl?” I jest.

With a twinkle in his eye, he says, “If you want there to be a pearl, it will be there.”

“No is not in my vocabulary at this moment.” With a giggle I reply, “I do, and I will”

At this moment all I want is to make him smile again, and I trust him, so I acquiesce. Then with a very pleased gleam and grin he goes back in for another oyster. He straightens up and pops the oyster open. He pulls the creature out with his knife and reaches over toward my mouth with it, balancing it on the edge of the dull blade.

“Open up.” He says mimicking with his mouth wide open.

As awful as that oyster looks, I do as he asks. He slides the oyster in my mouth, and with uncertainty I chew it and I watch his eyes watching me with anticipation of my reaction. I know my eyes grow large as I bite into the slimy being. The gush of salty sweetness floods my mouth with juice, and with one big gulp I swallow it. A salty flavor now splashing into the recollection being gathered of this precious moment. 

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