Her zombie apocalypse strategy. Interview with @Christyblow68 #interview

Christy Blow
Author of 
Crossed Stars

Interview # 1 (of 2)

Tell us about your high school experience.

My high school experience was just like yours, only the perspective may have differed somewhat. I looked at the world mostly from the outside in and right past the harsh realities of being painfully and awkwardly shy into the fantastical wonderland reality I created with my drawings and written words.

What's your favorite color? Why?

My favorite color is pink because it is the color of everything girly and feminine.

The zombie apocalypse is coming soon. What do you do?

Well, I had this cover station with a student the other day. We pondered whether the humans being hunted by the zombies should stay together or split up. There was great evidence for both sides, but I say stick together and try to get in the middle.

A day at the beach or an hour at a bookstore? Details please.

So, scorching hot sand, taste of salt, heat, and cotton balls, watching my kids like a hawk in a constant state of panic over waves and kidnappers, watered down drinks, and exhaustion from trying to sit just right so my belly does not protrude vs the intoxicating smell of freshly brewed coffee and brand new books, kids in another store because they hate how long I stay, endless possibilities for what wonderful or terrifying story world I will live in next, and daydreams of seeing my book on those shelves. Yes definitely the bookstore.