Every menage has its secrets...especially with HUGE twins. #romance

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Every menage has its secrets ... especially with HUGE twins.

A Twin Stepbrother Romance

by Cassandra Dee

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Contemporary, Erotic, Women's Fiction,



"Brothers," I gasped, eyeing them with amazement. "I can't ... you're too HUGE!"

Melanie: Forty-six thousand for tuition? Where was I going to come up with that kind of money?

I started dancing … for dollars, that is, at the Donkey Club.

Trust me, it wasn't something I wanted to do. But a girl's gotta eat, right?

So it paid the bills until Saxon and Stryke came calling. Our parents got married and I agreed to work for my handsome, devastating steps, effective immediately.

But what was I thinking? Being in such close quarters with them has made me tremble and shiver deep inside ... because I didn't realize they’d be so HUGE!

Note: This is a standalone book with a guaranteed HEA. This book includes a complimentary copy of A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother. 


"By the way Melanie,” Saxon murmured. “Your skirt’s tucked into your panties.”

I looked down. Oh my god! When I’d come back from the bathroom, I must not have pulled my skirt down all the way, and now the flimsy pink material was tucked into my little g-string, revealing my bare ass cheeks, the strip of lace covering absolutely zero. Even more embarrassing, that lace was darkened with moisture, testament to my heightened arousal around these gorgeous men. Flushed, I hurriedly pulled the material down, trying to cover as much skin as possible.

“Try to wear a longer skirt next time, hmm?” mused Saxon, eyeing me suggestively.

And before I’d even realized what had happened, Stryke swiped a big palm across my ass, my skin burning as he touched me, that large hand warm and hard. Oh my god, wtf? Had my new brother just copped a feel in the middle of a restaurant? Stryke’s face was expressionless, calmly neutral, although there was a gleam in his eye.

And just when I was about to believe it was my imagination, Saxon reached between my legs, and lightly tapped the moistness at the crotch of my panties.

“Oh!” I gasped. I wanted to be outraged, scandalized at their bold moves. But it had felt so good, those warm fingers brushing against my secret space, niggling my clit for just a minute before touching my wetness. And Saxon brought his hand to his lips for a second, tasting a bit, sniffing, before smiling at me.

“Aromatic and sweet, just the way we like it,” he murmured appreciatively.

I was now absolutely floored, but fortunately saved by my mom’s clucking.

“Boys, it was so nice meeting you, and we’ll see you at the wedding okay?” chirped Noreen. “I’m glad we finally got to get together,” she smiled. Oh my god, what would my mom do if she knew that my stepbrothers had just fondled me intimately, testing my pussy and behind? Would the wedding still be on?

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