Books N' Booze: Diversity in Fiction; Social Media Marketing with @DianthaJones and #BaBB

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On Friday night, Deena Rae and Tiffany Fox of Badass Book Society,  recorded their weekly Badass Books n Booze and Badass Pub podcasts. Even before all the craziness that happened in Dallas, Diantha Jones as the scheduled guest to talk about her books (on the Books n Booze show) and to talk about social media marketing (Instagram and Pinterest in particular).  After all the bloodshed and racial tension the subject of race and diversity came into focus on both shows. Diantha, writing as Diantha Jones and A. Star, fills her books with racially diverse characters, just like the society that we live in. The Books n Booze podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Talkshoe as well as YouTube, for those of you who would rather see who is talking .
Books n Booze - Episode 8; Diversity in Fiction with Diantha Jones / A. Star. Diantha and Tiffany Fox join HBIC Deena Rae and discuss the series Oracle of Delphi, Mythos and other books under both of Diantha's author names. We also hit on race in fiction and the separation of African American Literature from standard book categories. 
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If you are interested in watching the un-edited Badass Pub show, (which, if you only watch one Badass Pub show ever, this is the one to watch) you can find it on YouTube. We talk about race in literature, African American Fiction and the designation by sellers and publishers as well as talking about Instagram for authors and new methods of social media marketing for the book industry.

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