"Definite keeper in my library." Belonging Places by @MaryannWeston #womenslit

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Belonging Places

Every woman's story on life, learning and love

Written by Maryann Weston

Genre: Women's Fiction

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Three women; three stories on life, lessons and love. 
Three journeys towards the belonging place; three journeys back to self. 

Liliana Flint-Smith is starting out on her own. Leaving a dysfunctional family behind her and with nothing but a university degree in librarianship, Liliana moves to a remote village in the country. Different from everyone else in the town, she must find her place in a society that doesn't take kindly to strangers. With the help of an old woman who lives in the flat next to her, Liliana begins to find herself and discovers it was never about her changing, but about learning to be herself. 

Estelle Wainwright is successful. She's burning up the career ladder and has just made editor at a national women's magazine. Her husband Joel is also carving out his niche as an architect and, together with son Corey, is the picture of success. Or are they? Journey with Estelle as she fights the tension within herself: work and home, career and husband, businesswoman and woman, and navigates through a crisis that will test the decisions she has made about how she lives her life. 

Jill Bridges is struggling to stay afloat. With the loss of her husband and her children busy with their own lives, she's facing the prospect of a nursing home. But it's her independence that makes her life worth living and she'll be damned if she'll bow to society's plans for her. With a fierce will, Jill must find a way to triumph over old age and emerge into a life that still holds meaning.

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Belonging Places


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Fans are saying

Belonging Places is one of those books that just makes you feel good. There are three complete stories in the book. With each story, each woman is at a different stage in her life, and each one is facing their own set of problems.

Each story pulled at my heartstrings, they are quite a journey. Belonging Places is a definite keeper in my library.

This book is beautifully and gently written to convey the innermost thoughts and emotions of the three women trying to find their place in the world. As you are drawn into their lives, you almost feel that you know them, that they could be your friend or neighbour.

As a busy working mum trying to juggle things, Estelle's story particularly resonated with me. Believable and accessible characters. I couldn't put this book down, highly recommended.

— lindsay

Author Bio

Maryann Weston

M.R. Weston (Maryann Weston) is a professional writer, training initially as a journalist and editor. She grew up on a farm in Australia and learnt early that the best adventures in life are the ones you seek out and follow. 

She has made it her mission to follow her dreams, including writing novels, and has combined her love of adventure and new horizons with a vivid imagination and ability to tell a good story. 

Maryann has a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and is also a qualified teacher and counsellor, with a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Diploma of Community Services. 

She currently works as a journalist, editor and public relations professional and is a mum to three boys. She lives with her family in rural NSW, Australia.