"Couldn't have hand-picked a better choice." JILL by @C_W_Schultz #thriller

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Written by C. W. Schultz

Genre: Thriller

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At home, Rachel Rhodes is a mother and wife. At work, she is a manager. At night, she is the infamous serial killer known only as Jill. Her secret will eventually affect everyone in her life, from her family members to the detectives investigating the case.

Luck starts off on her side as she befriends heartbroken detective Cole Dale, who’s an important link to the investigation. However, that luck seems to fade when Rachel meets Cole’s partner, an unorthodox and mentally unstable detective, Perry Charleton, driven by personal reasons to stop Jill using any means necessary.

The novel is told in an omniscient narrative style, allowing the story to have a hauntingly neutral perspective which disguises everything as it progresses and leaves no room for predictability, entangling the reader in a web of evil. Layered with symbolism and motifs, leaving the story to come together like a puzzle through the characters’ actions and interactions; its themes deal with such issues as dysfunction, impressionability and influence, sexism, racism and even humiliation.

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Fans are saying

I purposefully waited until Halloween to read this story. It didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t have hand-picked a better choice.

This is one of those books that will hook right from the first few pages and have you rushing back to it every chance you get.

There were so many twists and turns, characters and angles, that it will make your head spin. In a good way.

It was written well so it was never confusing. The characters were well developed and you knew exactly who was who. I hate books that you can’t remember which character is which.

Imagine coming face to face with the kind of extreme crime that can only be conceived by a truly evil mind. Acts so powerful that they can scar a whole nation for generations. The perpetrators manage to achieve a level of notoriety only usually afforded to Hollywood icons. In their own twisted imaginations they sit in an Evil Hall of Fame among others of their kind.

I decided I'd take a peek last night, see how the story begins. And the next thing I knew, I was gasping to the finish line this afternoon, unable to stop. Schultz cooks up a serial killer story with a unique twist that I will not spoil here. It is a definitely adult story, but well done, with characters that aren't like any others I have encountered.

All in all, an extremely well-constructed, pulse pounding read that is positively worth your time. This was a creepy, gritty, horrifying and shocking ride. Right until the last page I found myself exclaiming, "No way!" This book will make you jumpy.

The suspense is drawn out to the last drop, right up until you discover the shocking truth! To catch a killer, just how far would you go?

Read Jill and you will discover that there's a fine line between madness and genius! Exciting from beginning to end, interesting characters. It will keep you guessing, lots of plot twists. I highly recommend this book at any mystery thriller obsessed readers out there.

Author Bio

C. W. Schultz

C. W. Schultz is the pseudonym for novelist Calen Sifferman. He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1985. 

In January 2011, the author began writing his third novel "Jill", which was released on Friday, December 7, 2012. 

In April 2013, Schultz's short horror story "The Stairwell", was released in the eighth issue of Sirens Call Publications. 

He has plans for an ongoing series of children's books, which is merely a sign that he is expanding his horizons and should not be interpreted as him taking all his future writings down a tamer path. In fact, a fourth novel, which Schultz claims will not be suitable for children (just like his other three novels), is planned for release no later than 2016.