It will mess with your a good way. Angelkiller by @HdavidBlalock #fantasy

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The Angelkiller Triad

Written by H. David Blalock

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Why do bad things happen to good people? Simple. In the ancient war between the Angels of Light and Darkness, the Dark won. Now it is the job of an undercover force simply known as The Army to rectify that.

Using every tool available, The Army has worked to liberate our world from The Enemy for thousands of years, slowly and painfully lifting Mankind out of the dark. On the front of the great Conflict are the Angelkillers, veterans of the fight with centuries of experience.

Jonah Mason is an Angelkiller, and his cell is targeted as part of plot to unseat a very powerful Minion of The Enemy. Mason and his troop are drawn into a battle that stretches from real-time to virtual reality and back. The Conflict is about to expand into cyberspace, and if Mason is unable to stop it, The Enemy will have gained dominion over yet another realm.

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Fans are saying

Great original spin on the age old good v evil

This is a book that has had me curious. The blurb alone is interesting and while many a story is based on the basic premise of good v evil in this case the evil having won and are still waging the battle.

A story based on the age old good v evil played out in cyberspace was a fresh spin and one I really enjoyed. I like how out of the box it was, I really appreciated the uniqueness the author brought to the story.

It will mess with your a good way.

Not many books start out with "Evil Won" So this book was deff. a diff from the normal book. With just over 200 pages for the first book and the same for the second. These two books were very fast to read! I read them in about a day and a half (I had a kid whom was sick). They were great, easy to read, small so I could take it on the go.

The story will mess with your head but in a good way! This story is VERY interesting! You should check them out!

Author Bio

H. David Blalock

H. David Blalock has been writing speculative fiction for decades. His fiction has appeared in novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, and websites. He was awarded the Memphis Science Fiction Association's 2000 Darrell Award for Best Electronic Fiction and was nominated for the 2012 PulpArk Award for Best Short Story. His "High Kings" was finalist for the 2012 Darrell Award for Best Novella.