Earn promotional tweets with the Amazon Tweet Exchange.

The program is easy.

Simply browse the site. Pick a post or two or more you'd like to help us promote. Send out a tweet by clicking on the tweet button at the top of the post. Then, come to this page and fill out the form at the bottom. Rinse and repeat.

Some posts also list example tweets. That's even easier, right?

Let me make one thing clear: it may take me a while to fulfill these. My paying clients come first, and sometimes my personal life prevents me from working on more than just the bare minimum. Moreover, I do not process these Amazon tweets every day.

But if you fill out the form correctly, I will get to your tweets. It may take a few weeks or even a month.

If you do not fill out the form correctly, I will delete your entry and move on.

For those who can follow instructions, they will receive 5 promotional tweets from me every time they tweet about us.

Disclaimer: Triberr tweets do not count since I tweet more than my fair share through the service. I can tell the difference between a Triberr tweet and one sent out directly from this site. Don't try to pull a fast one.

One other thing to keep in mind

Since I don't always get to these in time, I highly recommend that you don't use this exchange program to advertise a short-term event, such as a sale or a giveaway. If I catch it (after the fact), I will simply delete the entry.

Read the following carefully
It's easy once you understand what you're doing.

  1. Send out one of the available tweets. (Tweet button at the top of any post on this site)
  2. Fill out the form
    1. URL of your tweet for me. (for me to verify that you did it)
      1. If the link you provide doesn't go directly to your tweet about us, I will delete your entry and move on.
      2. Click the time a tweet was posted to bring up it's individual page. See the image below.
    2. The text you want me to use in my tweet for you. 
      1. I will not necessarily be checking to see if a tweet is too long, so be sure to watch your length—shorter is better. 
      2. This text is where you would put any hashtags as well as the title of the book if you wish. 
      3. Your Twitter Handle will be placed after the Amazon link if you provide it there, so I wouldn't recommend putting your name in the text area due to space concerns. However, if you do put your twitter handle in the text area as I have done with some of the tweets below, don't include your handle after the Amazon ASIN (item 4).
      4. No need to put a space at the end. In fact, I would prefer you not to.
      1. NOT the entire URL. If you send me the entire URL, I will not tweet for you.
      2. What I'm looking for looks something like this: B00F5K4XZS
      3. You can find it in the URL of an Amazon page.
      4. Ex: http://www.amazon.com/Forbidden-Future-Time-Travel-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00F5K4XZS/... (do you see it in the URL?)
    4. Twitter Handle (don't forget the @)
  3. Repeat if desired. Remember to use different text for additional tweets.
Here's an example of what a form submission should look like.
  1. https://twitter.com/MasqCrew/status/440589242675126272
  2. What becomes of mankind in the future?
  3. B00F5K4XZS
  4. @MasqCrew
And here is the tweet that results. 

You are more than welcome to use the above tweet,
but this program isn't designed for that one tweet alone.
Support the authors and books we support.

Once you have tweeted, fill out the following form. 

Do it each time you send out a tweet.