"Full of colorful characters and creatures." Reign of Malice by @AuthorJHendon #darkfantasy

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Reign of Malice

The Malice Trilogy

Book One

Written by Joseph Hendon

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Trama, a human warrior forged in pain, strives to bring the blood price to those who wrong him. Sometimes to those who just cross his path as well. He is not noble; he is not a good person. He is a killer in a world run by the wicked. The days of knights of honor are gone. The days of freedom are gone. The wicked rules with an iron fist but even the wicked find something worse at times. Trama is something worse.

The five kingdoms of man have fallen. The ogre are slaves to the orc masters. The dwarf scattered to small roaming tribes, their mighty fortresses laid waste. The elf hide in their forest kingdom trying to ride out the tide of darkness slowly encroaching on their world. The tribes of the wastes fear to leave their desert world. Only darkness moves across the land stripping hope and strangling lives in its wake.

Even darkness can find something darker at times. Even the wicked can find something to fear while spreading fear. Trama is not reluctant, he is angry. Trama is not looking for peace, he is looking for blood. Someone more noble might find a reason to rise up and commit murder. Trama does not need a reason, just an opportunity. He is broken.

Only another broken soul hiding in the forest of the elf stands between the light and the darkness of his soul. Only another broken soul determines if he brings hope or despair to those his path crosses.

An excerpt from

Reign of Malice


Here's what

a Fan said

This is a book about a NOT so perfect man who cares not of other people's problems. This is a pragmatic man soul bent on his issues. He understands the world he lives in better than most.

He has no real plan, just plane rage to guide him as he fumbles, none heroically, through his misadventures. He's flawed, imperfect and real.

This story takes off from the word go. The continuity of this flowing story will have you fully immersed in this world that this author has created.

And what a world! Full of colorful characters and creatures. Plenty of humor and the right amount of romantic angst.

You won't put it down till the last page. I promise.

— patti

Author Bio

Joseph Hendon

Joseph Hendon: 1962 - present. Working professional, husband, father and avid reader. Reign of Malice is my first published book. Armies of Malice, the second in the series was published in Feb. 2014, return of malice will be finished by end of April.