Without this, she doubts she would be a writer. Interview w/ @QuigleyAlicia

We're pleased to introduce

Alicia Quigley

Author of

A Collector's Item

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Lightning Round

Glitter or camouflage?

Can I have glittery camouflage?

Red or white?

White. Heaven is found in a glass of chilled white wine on a quiet summer afternoon.

Favorite snack or food to eat while writing

Anything dark chocolate

Serious Round

How has technology hurt or helped you as an author?

Honestly, without technology I doubt I'd be a writer. Oh, I may still jot down stories in a notebook, but the advent of e-publishing made my career possible.

Would you ever write a book with a taboo or controversial subject matter that you knew would offend some of your readers?

Actually, I do. I try to stay as historically accurate as possible with my Regency books. Inevitably, the topic of infidelity arises. It was common practice in that time period for people to marry for personal/family/societal benefit and not for love. So, after the wife produced the requisite "heir and a spare," the couple often conducted romantic affairs outside the marriage. Modern readers, however, cannot stand that happening! I even had one reader complain of "adultery" when the hero returned to his mistress after *only dancing* with the heroine once - the only time he'd ever met her. I'm changing my approach on the subject in future books, as I really don't want to upset my readers. The whole point of writing is to entertain them, after all!

Wacky Question

Would you rather write during a snowstorm or a thunderstorm?

Whichever one is less likely to knock out my electricity. Pesky power outages take away my writing time.

Author Bio

I'm a lifelong lover of romance novels, who fell in love with Jane Austen in grade school, and Georgette Heyer in junior high. I made up games with playing cards using the face cards for Heyer characters, and sewed regency gowns (walking dresses, riding habits and bonnets that even Lydia Bennett wouldn’t have touched) for her Barbie. In spite of my terrible science and engineering addiction, I remain a devotee of the romance, and enjoy turning my hand to their production as well as their consumption.