Reclining lawn chair and a funnel, baby. Interview w/ @QuigleyAlicia

We're pleased to introduce

Alicia Quigley

Author of

The Contraband Courtship

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Lightning Round

A day at the beach or an hour at a bookstore?

The beach, please! After the hour at the bookstore to stock up for the beach.

Are you left or right handed?

Right handed

Favorite number between 60 and 100, go!


Serious Round

Do you find more inspiration from reading other books or watching TV/movies?

I definitely find more inspiration from books. As a matter of fact, I very rarely watch TV.

Do you plan or pants it?

I'm a 50/50 type of writer. I plan the story arc ahead of time, but then I let the characters take charge (with some gentle prodding to keep to the arc). Sometimes, they may even come up with a better arc!

Wacky Question

If it rained something other than water, what would you want it to be and why?

Chilled white wine. Why? Hello! Reclining lawn chair and a funnel, baby!

Author Bio

I'm a lifelong lover of romance novels, who fell in love with Jane Austen in grade school, and Georgette Heyer in junior high. I made up games with playing cards using the face cards for Heyer characters, and sewed regency gowns (walking dresses, riding habits and bonnets that even Lydia Bennett wouldn’t have touched) for her Barbie. In spite of my terrible science and engineering addiction, I remain a devotee of the romance, and enjoy turning my hand to their production as well as their consumption.