Does that make me a bully? Probably. Interview w/ @mysterydigger

We're pleased to introduce

Digger Cartwright

Author of

The Maynwarings

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Lightning Round

What are the two most important qualities in an antagonist? 

Motivated/Ambitious and Clever

Which writer are you most envious of?

Agatha Christie

Bet it all on black or red?


Serious Round

Do you stick to one genre or skip around? Why?

I guess I’ve sort of skipped around—historical murder mystery, political thriller, suspense, western, and motivational/inspirational true story. The first four all have a mystery element to them. My intention has always been to stick in the mystery realm. I was asked to write Conversations on the Bench, a motivational story, so that’s sort of the anomaly in my writing endeavors. I do like to try new things when it comes to writing, so perhaps I’ll continue to explore other genres, but they’ll likely all have a mystery element to them.

Give me two ways that you use to make your characters likeable to the reader.

They have to be realistic; that’s why I’m overly descriptive of the characters in my books. Readers feel like they know them or can relate to them. I let readers get to know the characters, what they’re thinking, their emotions and so on. Second, you show the readers how they treat other people (and sometimes animals) and let them draw their own conclusions. This goes for both the likeable characters and the hated ones.

Wacky Question

Tortured a character, did you? Does that make you a bully?

I’ve tortured many characters in my books. Someone has to do it; otherwise, there probably wouldn’t be a very good story and the readers would lose interest. Fact of the matter is, someone has to be the bad guy. Every protagonist has to have an antagonist. Do I sometimes torture a character too much and do I take it a little far? Perhaps. Do I like it? Yes. Does that make me a bully? Probably. Will I do it again? You know it.

Author Bio

Mr. Cartwright has contributed to a number of articles on a wide range of financial, strategic planning, and policy topics. He frequently contributes articles, commentaries, and editorials focusing on current economic and political topics for the private think tank, Thinking Outside the Boxe. Mr. Cartwright also publishes The Mystery Digger Dossier News Briefing paper available The Mystery Digger Dossier News Briefing will provide a variety of syndicated content on topics including business, the economy, politics, indie authors, golf, charities and philanthropy, and the WWE.