"Such a Great Read." Two Moons of Sera by @PavartiKTyler #scifi #review

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Two Moons of Sera

Written by Pavarti K. Tyler

Genre(s): YA, Sci-Fi

The land-dwelling Erdlanders don't know about her.

The amphibious Sualwets reject and resent her.

Serafay is anomaly, an unwanted outcast from both worlds. Fearing the people who tortured and experimented on her mother's waterborne race, Sera remains hidden and isolated, feeling like she doesn't belong.

When she meets a stranger, Tor, another misfit like herself, Sera realizes that she's not alone, finally discovering a sense of home. With the war between the Erdlanders and Sualwets escalating, will Sera and Tor ever be safe from the dangers surrounding them?

Naturalbri's Review

Such a Great Read!

I found this book very intriguing. It was a 'take me away' sort of read, which allowed me to really get stuck in the story and feel a part of the world I was reading about.

I liked the characters, and felt that they were very well written. They each had a good level of detail, both in the physical and emotional descriptions. I felt as though I was standing next to each character, watching the story take place. The author gave me enough to easily be able to picture each character and truly feel that I knew them. The secondary characters were also developed rather well, creating a well rounded world.

I liked the story over all, as far as the plot and how it ended. It really flowed well, throughout and gave me a lot to look forward to. I liked that there were fast-paced moments through the whole story, giving way to loads of excitement and fun, as well as building up suspense. However, there were also slower moments, to allow you the time needed to get to know the characters.

I found this a great read and really think that it would be a read that most fantasy readers would love, especially those who like deep, intricate reads that flow well and really consume you. It was hard to put down and I cannot wait to read more.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.