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Final Round 

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A Castle for Dragons

by Julie Wetzel

Twitter: @juliekwetzel

After Summer Ends

by Katie Mettner

Twitter: @KatieMettner


by Michelle Irwin

Twitter: @writeonshell

Dream Hunter

by Maya Tyler

Twitter: @mayatylerauthor

Immortal Heat

by Loni Lynne

Twitter: @lonilynne1

In the Light of the Eclipse

by Bryan Caron

Twitter: @BryanCaronBooks


by Stacey Trombley

Twitter: @trombolii

Of the Cowboy's Own Accord

by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Twitter: @maryjdressel

The Bad Man

by G. Warlock Vance

Twitter: @G_Warlock_Vance

The Key

by Timothy Weatherall

Twitter: @TLWeatherall

What You Wish For

by Gina Wynn

Twitter: @Gina_Wynn

Willows of Fate

by Suzanna J. Linton

Twitter: @suzannalin

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12 Book Covers

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