A Twitter Troll in Denial—An Oxymoron? Read more here.

Usually my interactions on Twitter are harmless, positive even. However, occasionally I come across someone who makes me just want to slap him with a 50 lb wet noodle. (Thanks to my 10th grade chemistry teacher for that lovely word picture.)

I think this person's first tweet just sums it up quite nicely, don't you?

This tweet alone should have told me that nothing good was going to come of the ensuing conversation, but for a brief moment, I thought maybe—just maybe—that I would be speaking to a human being. Alas! 'Twas not the case.

Here's the rest of his comments made before I said a thing. There's a picture at the bottom of this post should he cower and delete his tweets.

As you can tell, he was responding to a tweet about Cover Wars, specifically that the campaign lasts an entire month. My first response to him...

Here's a few other things I said to him.

Yes, I stooped to his level. Couldn't help myself. It was too much fun. Consider the following tweet.

With the following tweets I was trying to get the point across that participating in Cover Wars doesn't take all that much time. Yes, I did it with sarcasm ... but that was the fun part.

And when the conversation truly started, look what happened.

OK, let's stop after that last one.

Correct me if I'm wrong. If I were to be the troll, I would have to go to his Twitter account and make trolling comments. Wait a minute. That's what he did to me.

Perhaps not responding would have been the best course, but I'm sorry ... that's simply not me. Part of me loves confrontation.

And when the first thing a troll says is an insult to authors in general, I definitely have to say something.

Now, for the rest of the conversation.

Can you make sense of anything he said? I certainly couldn't. Well, his trolling comments, that is. He had a good point here and there, ones I would have gladly discussed with him, but he threw insults and bland accusations instead.

I definitely consider him to be a troll, though he probably wouldn't consider himself one. Does a troll ever know they are a troll? I'm sure there are some, but this one is an oxymoron in my book.

And then he blocked me. No surprise there!

But before he did that, I looked at his Twitter bio. He didn't give his name or a link to find out more about him. I can't even verify that he's a published author. Sounds like the definition of a troll to me.

Anyway, in case he deletes his comments, here's pics of his side of the conversation.