Why @belindafidler loves being a member of our review crew. Wanna join?

As part of our Join Our Review Crew week, we are featuring a few of our reviewers. We asked them to write a short little something something. In fact, here were DeeJay's quote/unquote instructions:

"Talk about your experience as a Crew member, your fave reads and reviews, why others should join, whatever."

Today we are featuring @belindafidler.

Yesterday we featured @LordWalkiWolf. Check out the post here.

"I love reviewing for the Masquerade Crew because I get to read such a variety of work. The genre changes each month so I have found myself reading (and enjoying) novels I would never usually pick, for example J B McCauley’s The King of Sunday Morning was a great read, gritty and horrifying in parts, it wasn’t a book I would ever have picked up but I couldn’t put it down. 

I love to be able to sit reading a book and feel I am ‘working’ and as an aspiring author I love being able to support other indie authors. Hopefully one day they’ll support me too."
—  @belindafidler 

If you would like to have similar experiences (hopefully), join our review crew.