"Really hot sex." His Man Friday by @WithLoveSiobhan #erotica

His Man Friday

M/M Erotica and Romance 

by Siobhan MacKenzie 

David Johnson gets the job of a lifetime when billionaire mogul J. R. Rickman ("Call me Rick") hires him on as his Personal Assistant. In all of the qualifications for the job, Rick prizes one above the rest — that David be an adventurous man. Rick promises him amazing sites and new experiences. David finds out those adventures don't just come in the boardroom either. David decides that being His Man Friday is a pretty exciting job after all. 

His Man Friday is a piece of short fiction of approximately 11,500 words, featuring m/m sexuality. 

An excerpt from

His Man Friday 

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Fans are saying

I really surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. I also thought it was well written and with really hot sex.


This was my first journey into male-male erotic fiction. I've read nearly every other genre and thought I'd give Siobhan Mac Kenzie a try. I enjoyed the characters. From the main character's narration this was his first experience into a male-male sexual encounter. 

And written from the male POV, I found the visceral description very sensual as erotica is supposed to be. His lover opens his eyes to more than just a sexual experience, but to the the world as well. Excellent story.