Increase your exposure by syndicating a blog post with us.

With the launch of our new Romance site, it's time to redo the syndication process. Up to this point people have emailed me when they want to syndicate one of their blog posts. It's worked beautifully in the past, but with the future creation of more niche sites that only cater to certain subjects, it's time to be a little more organized in the syndication submission process.

Syndication is not guest posting

As was true in the past, I'm not really interested in people guest posting. The reason is simple: it's more work for me to work on a guest post, mostly in keeping track of the material. If I'm going to have any chance at all in managing several future sites, I'll need the process to be as streamline as possible.

Click. Copy. Paste.

If I have to spend too much time finding material and putting it together in an easy to read format, it won't be worth my time, especially since I never plan on charging for basic syndication. If someone wants something really particular, then they can pay for a spot.

That doesn't mean you need to have a blog to submit for syndication. As long as you can point to a location on the internet where your "guest post" is found, I'll gladly take it. Of course, make sure you have permission to use it again, so don't just give me a guest post on someone else's blog. The words may be yours, but if you agreed to have that blogger post it and no one else, I don't want it.

Another work around for the guest post issue is to post it on your Facebook page. Each status update (personal or fan page) has a unique URL you can give me. Simply click the time link above or below the status update. From what I can tell, it's right below the poster's name most of the time, unless it's on the main page feed, in which case it's below the update. See the following pics for examples.

A word of warning (and this goes for any syndication request): if a link does not point to your post, I will not look for it. Your request will be thrown out, and I will not inform you. So, make sure the info you send is correct.

"But duplicate content is bad!"

You will not be penalized by Google or other search engines for having the same content in two places. Sites are penalized for ONLY having syndicated content, and that's because they don't have any unique content to offer the search engines. However, Google will most likely only list one version of a post in search results. One of two things will happen.

  1. Google will list your post on search results since it was posted before the syndicated version.
  2. Sometimes Google will list a post from a larger/more popular site over a smaller/less popular site. I don't think the Masquerade Crew is big enough, but if it does happen, just remember you have the added benefit of the traffic we bring, which is a lot better than most author blogs.
Besides, not many people find us via search engines. For the ones who do, it's usually because they know we exist. They search for "Masquerade Crew." I don't think I've ever seen a visit result from a search for a syndicated article. 

In any case, I wouldn't worry about duplicate content. The exposure we bring is far more valuable. In fact, I'll throw in an ad or two for your book(s). See this post for an example. 

I'll put more than one book ad if there's room, but you will only need to provide me one book link. I'm only interested in promoting books on Amazon. If you want links to other retailers included, you may want to pay for a spot.

What should your post be about?

Here are some ideas for posts that you could submit:

  • Genre specific posts
    • Tips
      • How to add mystery to your thriller (for example)
    • Top 10 lists (or another number)
      • My top 5 book boyfriends (for example)
    • Favorite books of a genre
    • Analysis of a genre or of a famous book of said genre
      • Please no detailed analysis of a lesser known book, unless you have the author's permission.
    • If all else fails, posts that specifically deal with a certain genre.
  • Tips
    • General Writing 
    • Brainstorming 
    • Editing 
    • Self-Publishing 
    • Marketing 
    • Other general tips authors might find interesting
    • Genre specific tips (see above)
  • Personal and other misc. posts
    • Posts that describe your life as a writer
      • Please remember our audience when you submit. If it's a post about getting to know you personally, that's fine. Just try to bring it around to writing or reading.
    • Posts that describe your journey of publishing (especially self-publishing)
    • Book Reviews (preferably Indie/self published authors)
      • This is how guest reviews will be submitted from now on.
  • If all else fails, posts that deal with books, writing, or publishing.

Where will it be syndicated?

At present there are two sites that your syndicated post might appear: this one that you are reading right now and our new Romance site. However, by submitting a syndication request, you are giving me permission to syndicate your post as many times as I would like on any present or future sites I manage.

I don't want to mess with asking permission again. It's time consuming, and besides, syndicating your post more than once only exposes you further. If you have a problem with this policy, please don't submit an article for syndication.

Now, I have no idea what the likelihood is that I will repeat posts. If there's enough material, I may not mess with it. However, if a post did really well on it's first run or fits the occasion, I may repeat it if I'm looking for content on a different site.

Would you like to be syndicated?

If you have any questions, you may ask in a comment below or send me an email. Since I am not interested in customizing syndication requests (you can pay me if you want that), there's no room for a comment or question on the submission form.

Otherwise, click HERE to go to the syndication form.