Sci-Fi Space Opera: Ancient Empires by @catherinemintz #excerpt

Ancient Empires

by Catherine Mintz

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The kit was quiet. The soldier sighed and shifted the little beast to what looked like a more comfortable position, where it remained, gray-faced and passive, until they bumped into another updraft. The diminutive varr took a deep breath, but Gerlac abruptly gathered its feet into one hand, and startled it to silence. “Be still,” he whispered.

When Gerlac sheds his battle armor to care for a varr child, he believes life in a quiet backwater signals the death of his bright ambitions. He rapidly discovers his new assignment is more dangerous and more important than combat.

An excerpt from

Ancient Empires

As bright day
Becomes black night,
It is good to remember,
They can hear,
Time to sleep,
They are near,
Safe to dream:
They are here.
Traditional evensong

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