Why @LordWalkiWolf enjoys being a member of our review crew. Wanna join?

As part of our Join Our Review Crew week, we'll be featuring a few of our reviewers. We asked them to write a short little something something. In fact, here were DeeJay's quote/unquote instructions:

"Talk about your experience as a Crew member, your fave reads and reviews, why others should join, whatever."

Today we are featuring @LordWalkiWolf.

"I joined the Masquerade Crew a year ago and it has been an experience of discovery, positivity, and learning. I had the opportunity to read a great diversity of books that I would have never come across otherwise. 

The read-to-review mission can be a difficult experience. For the first time I gave only one star to a book. However, the point the read-to-review exercise is to give a fair and objective assessment of each book. Along the way I discovered works that impressed me. 'Cephrael's Hand' (Melissa McPhail) was my favourite read this year. 

The writers' imagination is the the path to so many amazing worlds. Being part of the Masquerade Crew allows me to share my enthusiasm with more people, and I love it."
—  @LordWalkiWolf 

If you would like to have similar experiences (hopefully), join our review crew.