Blogger Banter #7: Say hello to Sandra from @CreativeDifrnce!

The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring that book boyfriend-less, potato chip-lovin', happy-seekin', translator-by-day-mermaid-by-night...SANDRA from CREATIVELY DIFFERENT! 

Thanks for stopping by, Sandra! Let the Banter begin!

**DeeJay's Babble**

Recent translation: Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve
and Sarah McIntyre

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Twitter: 411
Facebook: 33 on my business page
Goodreads: 70


Blogging Since? 2007
Lives in? The Netherlands
Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Solo
Print or eBooks? Both
Average number of books read a month? Not even a fixed average
Favorite Genre? Not really
Book Boyfriend? Nah *LOL*
Rating System? Honest review (no rating system)


What was the very first post you ever made on Creatively Different

*Checks* A post on NaNoWriMo, actually. On getting prepared for a month’s worth of writing and doing nothing but write. I only started that blog about a year ago. *I SO need to read this article and take notes. I suck at NaNoWriMo, LOL*

What was the first book you ever reviewed on BookBag, your review blog? 

The first review I published online was “Kiss of Darkness”, a book in the Charmed series, which I happened to be translating (into Dutch) at the time.

Where is your favorite place to read? What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? 

On the couch. And the snack varies… It can be anything from potato chips to a bowl of grapes. Chocolate is good too. Yes! Chips! My guilty pleasure as well ;)

If Book Bird Reviews had a theme song, what would it be?

Ha, nice question! But I’m so out of the loop with music nowadays, I can’t even pick a song that would fit… But it would have to be something happy.

Oh...You mean like this????

I couldn't resist...

How often do you visit the library, if at all?

I don’t visit the library at all. I might in future, with my kid. But our local library doesn’t have many books in English (except those you’d pick for school reading). And I have tons of books lying around still waiting to be read. That seems to be a "thing" with European libraries. No English books. Not that I don't understand why, but if the demand is high for them, I think they should start shipping some in.

Why did you choose to be one of the dwindling bloggers who accept Indie review requests? 

It’s not a decision in that way. I review whatever I read (whenever I find the time to actually read), so if that happens to be an indie book, I’m game, if it appeals to me. I don’t really get any direct requests, but I ‘discovered’ indies thanks to Twitter and the Masquerade Crew. If indie authors would like a review, I can do that. It might just take ages before I get to it these days… (sorry folks!)

Who has been your favorite author to interview? What about character interviews? Which one has been your favorite? 

Why, that’d be miss Diantha Jones, of course! (I like her, she’s silly, as Bugs Bunny would say). I haven’t interviewed that many authors yet, but I love doing interviews with people whose books I translate, that’s just awesome. And recently I did an interview with indie author Jordanna East, who was extremely funny in a self-deprecating way. Gotta love that.

I’ve only ever had Chloe Clever on as a character interview so far. I’d do it again if anyone wants (there’s hardly any work in it for me), but I prefer author interviews, because that way I can also pick their brain on their writing experience. As a translator, I can see how you'd be much more interested in the authors than their characters!

What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger? The WORST? 

Discovering wonderful new stories and authors, helping authors by simply writing down my thoughts on a book, which I’d do anyway. The worst would be that I just can’t find enough time to read these days. My work has me swamped, and obviously that comes first. So I do get to read, but those are books I then work on to translate. I can see not being able to read as much, being a stress all in itself. Especially if you use books as a way to relax. It's gotta suck :(

Lots of bloggers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain a blog and keep up with real life demands at the same time. You’re also a translator, with many popular titles on your resume. How do you manage blogging, translating and all of your other real life obligations? 

Oh, I can definitely relate. I usually put work first and blogging and everything else second. Which is why that suffers a lot these past months. But it’s a fantastic job and you don’t ever really want to say no when a publisher offers you another wonderful title to translate. Basically this is how it works: my son gets all my attention, I work when he is asleep and I blatantly ignore the fact that maybe I should vacuum a bit more often. Chores are yucky. I don't have to try to ignore my vacuum. Tho cobwebs on it tell me I did a fine job with very little effort :P

After trusting a shady dark wizard, you end up trapped inside a cave where you discover a lamp containing one very loopy genie. He appears and grants you three wishes. But there are stipulations: You can’t ask for money or love. What do you wish for?

Since I’m trapped, I’d probably wish for a way to be released, so I could go back home. Depending on how far away I am, I might wish for a snappy way to get back home, too. So that leaves me one wish… hmm. Is enduring happiness allowed? (And if so, can I include others? The whole world maybe? – she said with a Miss Universe kind of grin.) Magic carpet or flying Ferrari? Why am I asking, right? LOL. Love this answer. Enduring happiness is the best wish of all.

Thanks so much, Sandra! It was great having you here!


On the next Blogger Banter, we'll be getting to know  Christina from Ensconced in YA! See you in two weeks!