Science Fiction Humor: The Adventures of Reztap by @artemuswithers #scifi

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The Adventures of Reztap

The Chronicles of Reztap

Written by Artemus Withers

Genre(s): Science Fiction Humor



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Even simple plans never quite work out for intergalactic trader Tar Reztap, and yet he and his loyal friend Gorth keep finding their way into crazy missions that border the impossible. Chased throughout known space aboard the Bloated Namreg (quite possibly the ugliest ship to ever dock in a space port), it’s not long before Reztap’s nemesis catches up.

And it’s not the captain of the Progorian warship (really, it was an honest mix-up that started that war); nor the Madame of the Courtesan Academy, who happens to be half-sister to the head of the assassin’s guild. No, real trouble requires blood ties. Reztap’s brother sends the traders spinning back into space on a mission to rescue a princess from a fortress on Alaga One’s moon.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Reztap and Gorth are forced to pull out their back-up navigator—an eccentric android named Chuck, who has a thing for decorating (and “Rezzy”). Aboard the Namreg, a door that couldn’t be opened for thirteen years mysteriously grants entrance to a hidden chamber. Inside is a treasure, a long-lost family member, and a mission no one has to force Reztap to do.

But this time, he can’t fail. Regretfully, the “rescued” Princess Slurk is still on board, with plans of her own. 

An excerpt from

The Adventures of Reztap

Author Bio

Artemus Withers

I try to make people laugh. It is a fine art that I've been working on perfecting for many years. With this in mind, I hope you find pleasure and a chuckle or two from reading The Chronicles of Reztap book series.

I've been writing for many years, perfecting my craft along the way. I finally decided to share a story long in the making - The Adventures of Reztap. Please sample the book, check out reviews and see if this book is a good fit for you. It is science fiction humor at its finest. Really! Check out the blurb on the back of the book from noted author Joe McKinney about the book. Look at the reviews on If there are reviews here on Amazon, check them out too.

I'm a science fiction fan at heart, so I know a little about the tropes and assumptions in the science fiction world. I try to poke a little fun at them whenever I can. I hope this story tickles your funny bone at least a little.