I'll promote your book for the rest of the year for only $15.

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I'm putting together a list of books I will promote for the rest of the year—maybe longer. This list will have two purposes.

  1. Direct advertisement for the authors
    (and the book they are promoting)
  2. These books will serve as (possible) prizes
    for Kindle Fire Scavenger Hunt giveaways.

Here's how the second item will work.

When someone wins a Kindle Fire in one of our scavenger hunts, they get to pick books that will be preloaded when we ship it to them. The books they get to choose from are on this list.

When people are playing future scavenger hunts, they will see this list. Seeing books they could win might encourage them to play the hunt more.

Even if your book is never chosen...

Even if your book is never chosen as a prize by a winner of a Kindle Fire, the advertisement will still be worthwhile. The amount of exposure this list will get will be well worth the $15 I am asking from you.

Regular tweets will go out about the list itself (separate from any scavenger hunts). That by itself could be worth $15 because of the time this list will be active. You see, the weekly crew classifieds are only advertised for a week or so, and I charge $3 for a listing. This list will be advertised until the end of the year at least. That's 8 or 9 months (depending on when you buy a slot).

When you factor in the scavenger hunts, this list becomes downright cheap.

Because of the unique nature of this promotion...

I really don't want to chase you down when your book is chosen, so just like DeeJay does with our book reviews, I will keep books on hand to make the whole process faster.

You do not HAVE TO send me your book ahead of time, but it will be highly encouraged. In fact, when people are browsing which books they will get with their new Kindle, they will know which books I have on hand and which ones I do not. (And they will only be able to choose so many, so they may stick to those I can guarantee.)

If you choose to send me your book ahead of time...

Please send it in the right format. I will only accept formats that Kindle can read natively. (MOBI preferred) Though the Kindle can read PDF, I would highly suggest you use a format which is designed for Kindle. Personally I hate reading PDFs on mobile devices (due to the zooming problem), so I think it would be a wise decision over all if an author never sends them out unless requested.

Other things to keep in mind.

  • DO NOT send me your book until I contact you. (And obviously you have to pay before I contact you, so don't fill out the form until after you pay)
  • So you don't miss an email from me, you might want to put my email address in your contacts. msl_007@live.com
  • Only send one book. (Once I contact you) If you want to advertise more than one book, pay for a separate listing for each book.
  • Don't forget to fill out the Secret Word TWICE, once right above the PayPal Buy Now button and once on the Google form at the bottom of this post. These should match, obviously. That's how we match payment and form details.

Kindle Fire Preloaded Prize List


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